PUGG is a Metaverse project, founded in Singapore. Its blockchain technology is built on top of BSC, and the game virtural enviroment is developped by MetaBor Enviroment, a British company.


PC version -- UE4 engine
App version -- Unity.
Integrated GameFi, DeFi and SocialFi;
NFT + Token, reward pool and visual NFT marketplace;
Unique digital identity (metapeple virtual citizenship card);
3D immersive metaverse scene, encrypted social networking, encrypted entertainment and encrypted payment;
PUGG, as the starting point of the metaverse, will subvert many fields such as entertainment and social networking;
The open cooperative ecological scene is extended, and the real commercial consumption scene is realized;
Immersive experience, P2E mode to make money while playing, allowing users to monetize their time;
The framework of "participation + Innovation + content = monetization" to create an open metaverse;
Token Symbol:CALIT
Total Supple:100 Billion
Token Address:0x83404e49ad2a3fde41f3fc4ca946f9c8db3508cd

Videos & Photos

Wake up by the garbage at the crossroad
Unique digital identity
Unified pig head
The strongest engineering project on PC--UE4
Use ID card to be on duty
Ordinary users use bicycles to provide electricity to the city (behavioral mining)
Gold VIP Behavioral Mining
Resting pods for recovery of physical strength, which can be constructed by a third party. Corresponding facilities can be selected by users.
NFT visual trading lobby
Bar scene, date, chat, encrypted social contact
Engineering development of Application
Global Top3 company audit
Some Overseas reports
GitHub - PuggTeam/Whitepaper